It’s been seven hours and three days since I’ve written a post for my blog. Not because I was lazy, or terribly busy, or didn’t have anything to write about. On the contrary, I’ve been working on three different posts, and they’re consuming quite a lot of my time – putting all the content pieces together, doing the necessary research, and simply deciding how broad or narrow I want my articles to be.

On the other hand, I hate abandoning my blog. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel like I’m neglecting my readers by not writing on a more regular basis. And of course, those declining RSS and traffic numbers don’t have a positive effect on my anxiety either.

50 blogs and nothing to read

I’ve got about 50 blogs in my RSS feed, and after not being able to read them for a couple of weeks, I was dreading to finally check them, being afraid that I’ll get overwhelmed with the number of interesting articles that I’ve been missing out all that time. To my surprise, I was able to go through all those feeds and posts in less than an hour – I’ve read only a few the most interesting ones, quickly scanned through some not-so-interesting posts, and bookmarked a couple of the longest ones for future reference. The rest of the posts didn’t catch my attention beyond their titles.

It seems like everybody keeps writing about the same old stuff – how to get Dugg, how to make 6 figures income with blogging, how affiliate marketing works, how to write better. Of course, bloggers will never get enough of such articles because they concern most of us. But to me, it’s like all those numerous dieting programs. If they worked for everyone then the entire population would look like they came out of the pages of popular fashion magazines. Obviously, everybody keeps looking for different approaches to the same problem.

The Truth is more obvious than it appears to be

And just like everyone knows the actual truth about staying healthy and being in shape (you know – no to junk food, yes to veggies and fruits and to exercise), every blogger pretty much knows that

  • to get Dugg - either write a “diggable” article (that gets not only your readers’ but diggers’ attention as well) or personally ask all your friends and acquaintances to digg the article for you. Once it gets at least 60 diggs the articles reaches the Digg’s front page and the rest of the diggs follow like crazy.
  • to make six figures income with blogging – quit all your jobs and concentrate on blogging full time, make “friends” with other prominent bloggers, learn all about blog marketing, exclude the word “altruism” from your vocabulary and add a “remorseless” trait to your personality.
  • how affiliate marketing works – google those keywords and you’ll get all the information you need, then try them all out one by one on your blog.
  • how to write better – read books, magazines, bloggers who have the gift of writing, and keep writing and perfecting your skill.

Oasis of the blogiverse

Fortunately, I’ve got a handful of my favourite blogs that I visit more or less on a daily basis and reading the articles from the blogs rather than feeds. I’ve already introduced you to some of my favourite blogs as 8 Blog Rebels With The Cause, and in a near future I intend to dedicate a new post to some other blogs that I enjoy reading because of their no nonsense approach to blogging.

Questioning blogiverse

Here’s what I want to know, what nobody usually writes about. Perhaps I could get answers to these questions from my readers. These are the matters that concern me the most. So all your responses would be greatly appreciated.

Questions to Readers:

  1. What do you think when this blog is silent for several days in a row?
  2. Which posting frequency/schedule would you personally like to see on this blog?
  3. What would make you to unsubscribe from this blog or stop reading it?
  4. What would make you to unsubscribe from any other blogs you’re currently subscribed to?
  5. Could you please, share with me/recommend your most favourite blogs?

Questions to Readers, who are also bloggers:

  1. How do you know what posts are worthy of your blog and its audience?
  2. Do you still post an article even if you’re unsure whether or not it would spark an interest in your readers?
  3. How do you feel and what do you think when you refrain from blogging for a longer than usual period of time?

I don’t expect you to answer all these questions, but every little bit would help to clarify many things for me. Thank you for everything.

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34 Insightful Bits in response to “Musings on Blogging”

  1. 1st Set

    1. A few days of silence doesn’t bother me. I actually dislike the blogs that post too often — like 5 to 10 times per day. It’s too much to read through when I have nearly 200 blogs that I track.
    2. I like blogs that post somewhere between every three days to every day. More than once per day is too much, and less than 2 or 3 times per week isn’t enough to keep my interest.
    3. I would only unsubscribe if you stopped posting good content.
    4. I’ve recently unsubscribed from several blogs in my feed reader, because they posted too often with little or no good content.
    5. I don’t have a favorite blog, but rather a favorite group of blogs. There are about 5 or 6 of us photography bloggers that are very involved with each other’s blogs.

    2nd Set

    1. I don’t know what’s worthy, I just write what I like and hope for the best.
    2. I’m usually unsure if an article will spark an interest, but I post it anyways. If it doesn’t do well, there’s always a chance for another article to do better.
    3. I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk lately myself. I went from nearly every day to 2 or 3 times per week. I feel a little bad about it, but I don’t feel like my blog owns me and that I MUST post every day. It’s MY blog and I can post or not post however frequently I want.

    I feel like I’m starting to get over my blogging funk, but to help myself out a bit I’ve come up with a weekly posting schedule (just tonight actually). I decided that I would post 4 or 5 times per week, and I laid out 5 different types of articles that I would write each week: original content, quick tips, link roundup, reader poll, and a photoblog. This way I don’t get tied up trying to write 5 original content pillar articles every week, and get burned out. I also told myself that Sunday is a no blogging day, so I can focus on other things like family, photography, or photo editing.

    I think trying to force yourself to write too much will just make you burn out that much quicker — having an article posted every day isn’t worth losing your enjoyment for blogging.

  2. I’ll gladly answer the second lot for you – but I do think you’re worrying about nothing! ;)

    1. I really don’t care whether my posts of worthy of anyone. I write for me and me alone – and if anyone wants to share what I write then the company’s a bonus!

    2. I don’t think I’ve been *sure* that any of my posts would spark interest in anyone but myself!

    3. I quite enjoy the little breaks! I guess I really don’t care too much about how many subscribers I have or how many comments I get, so I don’t really feel guilty at the end of the day!

    I guess I may sound heartless (that’s not the case at all), but at the end of the day – it’s only blogging! ;)

  3. Vivien

    Brian, thank you so much for commenting and answering to all my questions within an hour of me posting this. It’s the readers like you whom I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so I’m especially grateful for your detailed and helpful response.

    I think that’s one of my problems – I’m going too much after an original content for my blog. I don’t think I’ll be able to post daily, but would like to be able to post at least every other day. And it’s a good advice you gave – I too should stop blogging on Sunday :-)

    I don’t think that my blog OWNs me. But I do feel that I need to get a better grip on my blogging tactics.

  4. Vivien

    huh, as soon as I posted my reply to Brian, I saw that I got another comment :-)

    Paul, thanks for your reassurance. Does it mean that you’ll never unsubscribe from Inspiration Bit? :-)
    Well, for someone who doesn’t care much about blogging, let me tell you that you’re doing pretty well in terms of holding readers interest with your articles, and getting a great response.

  5. You’re on my ‘Fave Blogs’ tab of Netvibes – so no, I don’t have any intention of unsubscribing! ;)

    Maybe that’s the trick..? Don’t worry about it all too much! :)

    My new theme’s up by the way – in case you want to check it out!

  6. These questions are a little bit difficult because I think with blogs we like we begin to invest a little bit of ourselves emotionally – so we grow attached to the person behind the blog, somewhat skewing the responses. With that in mind:

    1. Silence doesn’t particularly bother me – except that I begin to worry about what has happened to the person. When Instabloke went silent for several weeks while BB had medical problems, I began to worry that something serious had happened, ie. Death!

    I usually keep blogs I like in my feed reader without any intention of unsubscribing.

    2. Not applicable.

    3. It might not be very helpful, but, see #1.

    4. I agree with Brian (above) on this one: I have unsubscribed from blogs that post too frequently with content that, on the whole, does not interest me. The only “big hitter” I have at the moment is Lifehacker, and I am permanently on the border of unsubscribing from that. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is their posts on Firefox extensions (I wonder if I can just subscribe to that tag? Hmmm…)

    5. I think my most favourite blogs are those that lift the spirits: Karen Shanley, Absolutely Bananas.

    The only “tech-ish” blog that stands out from the crowd, for me, is Deep Jive Interests – but Tony Hung seems to be quite busy, and doesn’t strike me as being particularly sociable. His blog is still a highlight. I stick resolutely to Pearsonified, because although Chris Pearson posts very rarely here, when he does it is always worth it.

    Second Part

    1. I am posting mainly for me, to be honest, so I’ll just put it out there and see what happens.

    2. Usually, yes. Especially if it is a “pillar” article. Some posts I’ve written have zero comments, but I’m not bothered because they help to build up the main index of material, and that is one of my priorities.

    3. I feel curiously free. I seem to be able to do a lot more of everything when I shut this darn thing down and put it away. I’m sticking with it at the moment because I bought the domain name for two years, and that is the length of time I said I would invest on hamelife before reviewing where it stood. I know that I will keep the name in 18 months time – but unless something seriously dramatic happens, I have a feeling that the site will be fairly static, with fewer postings, a repository of parenting articles that stand as a resource for anyone who visits.

  7. The thing that bothers me most is too many posts. A few good posts a week is good, one a day is reasonable, two a day is pushing it, more than that and I end up skimming them and not really reading them.

    If a blog is interesting when there is content, as yours is, then I wouldn’t unsubscribe because of lack of posts.

    I haven’t really written anything for a little while, I posted a few photographs and I wrote one post but for that is it. For me posting is directly related to my enthusiasm, I often feel that I should write something but I don’t want to write for the sake of it. Not because it would be a disservice to my readers, but because the result would be rubbish.

    My feelings are more that I am not doing something that I feel I have committed to but I would rather be silent than fall into the trap of writing the same stuff as everyone else.

  8. As for your concerns about your blogging…I don’t think you have much to worry about. Your content is excellent. Traffic numbers, RSS feed…those will fluctuate (won’t they?). I think all you can do is the best you can do and let the Universe take care of the rest. Don’t get in a funk.

    As for your questions:

    Part one
    1. I don’t mind if a favorite blog goes silent for a day or two, but like Rory I worry if too much time passes.
    2. Your content is so good that if you posted every other day it wouldn’t bother me. I don’t get to visit everyone every day anyway.
    3. I doubt that I would unsubscribe.
    4. Poor content or offensive material.
    5. Too many to list, but I put them on my “link love” posts all the time!
    Part Two
    1. Do you ever know if your articles are worthy?
    2. If you worry about your articles being worthy, you will never get anything posted!
    3. I haven’t refrained much from blogging LOL! I’ll tell you how I feel about it when I do.

  9. finally I found a great blog with many inspiration word. I will learn from you..greeting from Jakarta

  10. Listen to your readers! Don’t worry, we like Inspiration Bit!

    1. I don’t mind if a blog goes silent for a few days and I agree with the prevailing sentiment, I don’t like the ones that post too often about nothing in particular. I’d rather wait a few days for a really good post than waste my time reading a couple so-so ones. I also feel like Ronald, with some blogs, like this one, I get attached to the relationship with the person who writes and I worry if they are gone too long!

    2. I want you to post as often as you have interesting things to say. I’m not stuck on any “schedule.” Even if it’s irregular, that’s ok with me!

    3. Reeeeally long silence (like a month… but then I’d probably stick around and hope to eventually hear what happened!). But I really can’t think of what would make me stop reading THIS blog, I would have to stop reading all blogs – like if I were to get sick or lose my internet connection – but I probably wouldn’t bother to unsubscribe. No fear of losing me!

    4. Some blogs I stick in my reader after looking at a couple of good articles and thinking that the subject would benefit me. I’ve only unsubscribed from one because the feeds stopped working (so put your blog in your reader and make sure it’s updating properly!).

    5. I have many favorites, and I think you read most of them, too. Graphic Design Blog (Tara), David Airey, Dawud Miracle, David Olsen, Redsil (Johno), Reflections (Paul), Copyblogger (Brian Clark), Reader Appreciation and the Daily Blog and Writing Tips. There are a few more, but those are the ones I read all the time. If there are any that you don’t know, I’ll send you the links. I didn’t want to get caught for link spamming!

  11. Vivien

    Thank you all for such informative answers, your kind words and encouragement. It always feels good to get a boost to one’s self-confidence :-)

    Rory, I had to dig out your comment from spam (due to the links), sorry about that.
    It’s very nice of you to say that, but don’t start worrying about me until after perhaps 10 days of silence, then it would probably mean that smth bad really had happened to me. But you can also shoot me a quick email, and I’d quickly reply you whether I’m alive or not :-)

    Andrew, I feel the same thing – I don’t want to post what others are writing about, except if there’s something that gets me excited and I have something different to add to the subject matter.

    Shelly (This Eclectic Life), I don’t always know if my articles are worthy to be posted, but there are occasions when I doubt that a certain topic would be interesting enough to talk about on my blog, bearing in mind the overall niche my blog is in, but then later on I find other bloggers are talking about it and I’m thinking – hey, they read my mind, I should’ve posted that myself after all :-)
    I guess, the longer I blog, the better I’ll get at knowing what to blog about ;-)

    Hey, franxbudi, welcome to InspirationBit. Glad you like it here :-)

    Lauren, I do listen to my readers, and I’m liking what I hear, so far :-) That’s why I decided to put my “thinking out loud” in a written form, wanted to talk to you and listen to your thoughts and opinions about this blog and my blogging.

    (btw, I think you meant “Rory”, when you mentioned “Ronald”). Yes, I do know all those blogs you’ve mentioned about, and except CopyBlogger and Daniel’s blogs, I visit all others on a regular basis. The other two are in my RSS reader, and I read them whenever I have time for my Google RSS.
    I did add my blog to the RSS reader, to keep an eye on its behaviour.

    And don’t worry, everyone, you won’t see too many posts from me – I’m still a human after all, not a blogging robot ;-)

    Thanks again, all you gracious ladies and gentlemen. I really appreciate you taking time and providing me with such a helpful feedback. I’ll also try taking Paul’s and others advice not to sweat too much about blogging, take it easy and enjoy the ride with such an exceptional company of IBit’s readers :-)

  12. Vivien

    oh, and I almost forgot to ask you this favour: if any of you notices that the quality of my posts is going down, or if there’s anything you don’t like, or if there’s something you want me to write more about, please never hesitate to talk about it with me. I will always appreciate your constructive criticism!

  13. Ooops! Yes, I did mean Rory. Sorry *blush*

    I know you listen, Vivien. That’s what I like about the smaller blogs, it’s a more personal interaction with the writer and his/her readers. I kinda don’t want you to get to the A-list, for selfish reasons! Just kidding, I wish you much success! And hopefully since I’ve been with you so long, you will still respond to me personally :D

  14. Vivien

    Oh, Lauren, I truly hope I’ll never change and get an “A-list”er’s attitude, even if I become one. It’s one thing that bugs me the most about some prominent bloggers and weblebrities. I’ve got two interviews lined up with such people and it’s taking them forever to get back to me after they personally agreed and expressed their interest in talking to me.

    If I ever go down that path, please, I beg you and everyone else on my knees, don’t hesitate to “slap me in the face” and bring me down to earth!

  15. Here comes my two cents:

    1) I figure you are busy, no problem so am I.

    2) Three to five per week is fine.

    3) You post less than once a week or very rarely

    4) Weak content or rarely posting

    5) Self Made Minds, Inspirationbit, Stale Gum, Church of Baseball, Daily Blog Tips, Weight Watchers Eh?, Ronalfy

    As for the other questions I do feel guilty when I don’t post at least 4 posts per week. I feel that if my readers have invested their time in my I should reciprocate. I try to post something useful or entertaining for my readers but I will post things just because I have something to say on a subject.

    P.S. The only blog in my reader that is allowed to go long periods without posting is Pearsonified by Chris Pearson.

  16. Wow! Lots of questions to be answered here. So:

    1-2-3. If you don’t post for a few days, I imagine you are busy. I really don’t understand why everybody is talking on how important keeping a constant posting frequency is. I don’t care about that, I don’t even notice if somebody posts at equal intervals of time or not. As long as I have your blog in my reader, I’ll know when you publish something new. Anyway, many times I like to read again your old posts which offered me useful clues and information. So I would not stop reading this blog. Even if tomorrow you decide to write about bullshit or making money online, I would still read it, because of your style and not because of the topics you choose.

    4. I would not unsubscribe from any blog, but if three posts in a row are boring, I simply stop clicking on it in the reader.

    5. I can think now at two blogs (besides yours):
    Words of a Broken Mirror and EWriting Pamil Visions

    As for your second batch of questions:

    1. I don’t. This is why I post them to find out.
    2. Yes, I still post it. Nobody is forced to read it to the end if they don’t feel like doing so. As experience proved to me, one of my worst posts of all times got an incredible traffic. I don’t try to live to anybody’s expectations – this is too hard for me.
    3. I noticed a strange phenomenon here: every time I don’t post for a few days, my AdSense earnings are going up. So I ask myself maybe it would be better to stop posting in order to get to the six figures blogging so many people dream of? Seriously, I started to see blog posts everywhere, in every small incident or funny story. Whenever my cat jumps on the heights of my living room, I’m looking for the camera first and only after I take the picture for my next cats post, I worry about her health.

    I think that you worry too much. You shouldn’t. Just be happy and enjoy writing. Think of your blog like of a toy: experience, optimize, promote, play with all tools that you find amusing… see the funny side.

  17. Vivien

    Joey, thanks for the answers. That’s how I feel about blogging – I want my blog to be worthy of reading, and feel a bit guilty if there’s nothing to read for an extended period of time. But if I were to choose, I’d always pick a quantity over quality. Now I see that all of you feel the same, thus putting us all in the same boat – which is really great.

    Simonne, ok my dear, I won’t be worrying too much as of today :-) Thank you so much for putting my blogging worries to sleep (hopefully, they’ll never wake up ;-)
    Thanks for sharing with me your favourite blogs, I’ll definitely check them out.

    You’re not afraid of taking risks with your blogging, and I really admire you for that. I’ve never seen anyone else having as much fun with blogging as you are. Go, girl, go! :-) Hey, and once you figure out that AdSense phenomenon, please share its secret with your readers (including me).

  18. Posting too often is much more harmful than posting irregularly.

    In fact, the only websites I’ve unsubscribed from are those that do post too often. There isn’t a ‘not enough’ for me, because if I’ve subscribed in the first place then I enjoy the content and it’s nice to receive something now and again.

    Great post, Vivien. I’ve linked through to you in my first speed linking article.

  19. Vivien

    David, double thanks to you – for your feedback and for linking to this post in your speed linking article :-)

  20. Jan

    What do you think when this blog is silent for several days in a row?

    I think about something else…

    Which posting frequency/schedule would you personally like to see on this blog?

    The one that enables you to write the best articles…

    What would make you to unsubscribe from this blog or stop reading it?

    Poor Posts…

    What would make you to unsubscribe from any other blogs you’re currently subscribed to?

    See Above…

    How do you know what posts are worthy of your blog and its audience?

    I publish it and see how they react. There is no way of knowing beforehand as that is based on facts you only get once it is published.

    Do you still post an article even if you’re unsure whether or not it would spark an interest in your readers?

    If it interests me enough to write about then it is also worth posting.

  21. Vivien

    Jan, thank you so much for your feedback. You’re writing about some very interesting topics on your blog. It’s now on my To-Read list.

  22. 1st set:
    I hate being forced to write every day. As everyone else two days without a post makes my feed statistic falls. A month ago I was worried about that. But hey! I write ’cause I love to write, and, I hope, people read because they love what I write, not because I am scribomaniac. If I don’t feel like writing and have nothing to say I skip it. I have a right to go outside the city (i.e. outside of the reach of internet) and to enjoy other things in life. I respect that right for other bloggers, too. I do future post sometimes if I know I’ll be away for a couple of days, though.
    If writing is forced readers do feel it (at least I do feel it on my and some other blogs). There is not much point in posting something-not-so-good just to keep stats.
    I unsubscribe if the content is bad for a long time (usually more than month) or if I see that post titles doesn’t grab my attention for a span of time. Then I go to see what it is all about and see if there is any point in keeping it in reader.

    2nd set:
    How do I know if it is a good post? I know. :) No, really, if you write a good post you have that feeling. Same goes for bad posts. And yes, there is a gray zone. Gray zone posts are left for a night or longer then rered and edited. It usually do the trick.
    About those that I don’t know if it will spark an interest in readers…. I post them. There is no other way to find out. Actually, some posts and topics I neglected because I thought they will not be interesting to readers were quite successfull.
    If I refrain for a couple of days I feel bad. Then I got out of my rhythm and next post comes out heavily. Partly because practice is a great thing and partly because I feel pressure to post something at last. And pressure is the enemy of writing.

  23. Hehe.. I agree with Paul. I’m not going to unsubscribe from your blog :)
    Post frequency – around 5 a week will be good. I’ll unsubscribe from a blog if it posts too much per day with nothing good.

    I know what kind of posts my audience would like to read – considering the comments received on earlier posts – more comments – people like the post :D I write my articles based on that.

    I feel like I’m ignoring my blog when I couldn’t find time to post. But, it’s good to come up with a rocking post when you return to blogging to compensate for that ;)

    I always think for some time before I publish a post. If it doesn’t seem to be good, I just defer it for publishing later.

    Just my two cents

  24. Vivien

    Thanks for the answers, Dandelion. You’ve made some very interesting points there, especially the one about the gray zone and that we shouldn’t feel pressured to write, but enjoy it. Just like in any conversation – everyone benefits from a freely flowing talk.

    Shankar, for a 16 year old blogger, you’re very wise. Your two cents were more like two dollars :-) And of course, your loyalty is vvvvvvery appreciated here.

    I’m battling a terrible cold at this moment (first my daughter, then my husband, now our house feels more like a hospital). But hopefully by tonight (PST) I’ll finally post my “rocking” article :-) Thanks for your patience!

  25. Hehe.. Thanks for that appreciation… :)
    Get well soon!

  26. Questions to Readers:

    1. What do you think when this blog is silent for several days in a row?
    That you’re busy working for a living.

    2. Which posting frequency/schedule would you personally like to see on this blog?
    It’s irrelevant. I read for random bits. ;)

    3. What would make you to unsubscribe from this blog or stop reading it?
    Monotonous content.

    4. What would make you to unsubscribe from any other blogs you’re currently subscribed to?
    Monotonous content.
    5. Could you please, share with me/recommend your most favourite blogs?

  27. Vivien

    Marc, thanks so much for your straight to the point answers. Thanks for the blog recommendation as well, although I do know already and read your blog. You’ve got a very similar tagline with this blog :-)

  28. Interesting topic Vivien. I’ve had a busy month this June and blogging has taken a serious back seat, and to be honest with you it has bothered me. I fear all sorts of things like people will unsubscribe or growth will be slower than it should be etc.

    But reading the responses hear has kind of settled me. At the end of the day I don’t make, or intend to make, any money from blogging. But I do make money from my other day to day activities, and sometimes this all-consuming pass-time of blogging needs to be put in perspective.

    And as a blog reader who sometimes has huge lists of unread posts, I can tell you one thing. If a blog has six or seven unread articles I am FAR more likely to click the ‘mark all as read’ button than I am with a blog which has one or two unread posts. Hence me finding this post a week after it was published. :)

    Less is quite often more.

  29. Vivien

    Thanks for your thoughts on blogging, Aaron. I’m glad you did eventually find this post and didn’t delete it :-)
    But yes, you’re right. I sometimes do the same – mark all posts read when I’m too busy to read them all, but not on my favourite blogs though :-)

  30. Hi…

    I can’t answer all your questions but I, for one, am starting to care less about how frequently I post up fresh entries on my blog or how diggable what I post up is. I’m slowly realising that I don’t wanna be a prisoner to the rules of blogging (or what the rules of blogging appear to be). I check out the sites I’m genuinely interested in or that I’m curious about, I leave a comment if I feel compelled to and just because you want a link on my site or add yourself as a contact on my MyBlog site doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it (the people-pleasing side of me would feel bad about this but I’m learning to manage that side of myself).

    If yours or anyone else’s blog is silent for a couple of days or a week, I naturally assume that that person may be busy and that ‘thank god, they have a life’.

  31. Vivien

    Hi ebele. Ha-ha, you said it all in your remark ‘thank god, they have a life’. Thank you.

    Re: following or not the rules of blogging – rules are meant to be broken, and sometimes that action leads to more interesting ventures and discoveries. And those people who break the rules often receive a big following.

  32. 1. To be honest, I only notice a new post when there is a new one in a feed reader. Unless you post a “Sorry for not posting” post, I don’t really pay much attention to a posting schedule.
    2. Perhaps 2-3 posts a week.
    3. I would unsubscribe from your feed if you came to Huntsville and kicked my cat. Then again, I might re-consider.
    4. I unsubscribe from other blogs because of “sorry I can’t post” posts and also when a feed makes me click to read the full post.
    5. I don’t have a particularly favorite blog I swear by.

    6. Since I have a personal blog, I am somewhat torn. If I have something unique to bring to the table as far as an opinion goes, I think it is worthy of my audience. I do not try to post technical pieces on my personal blog. I reserve those for other blogs I am apart of. I mostly stick with religion and politics on my personal blog.

    7. Sometimes I post a post (such as meme posts) and hope my readers appreciate it. With a personal blog, it’s tough to attract a wide audience, so I publish it and cross my fingers. With the other blogs I am apart of, I will not post a post if I don’t think it’s suited for the target audience. For example, I am a new author for WeblogToolsCollection. I wouldn’t post a post about cars there.

    8. If I don’t post about three posts a week on my personal blog, I feel really guilty and feel I have cheated my readers. I also feel I have no right to complain about feed stats or page views. On other blogs, I already have a posting schedule that I am more-or-less obligated to.

  33. Vivien

    haha, Ronald. How did you guess the goal of my life – to save enough money for a plane ticket to Huntsville, Alabama, to track your house down and count how many lives does your cat have? :-)

    It’s comforting to know that others too feel guilty during the long periods of blog silence. Thanks for your answers. Although you shouldn’t feel too guilty – for a blogger who’s posting on three blogs you’re doing amazingly well. I need to learn a trick or two from you how do you manage to be so efficient at times :-)

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