It was a cloudy and rainy day in Vancouver today, but I did go to the Cruise Ship Terminal at Canada Place with my daughter to see a very interesting exhibition organized by CANstruction Vancouver. This year’s theme, “My favourite things”, has challenged several teams of graphic designers and students to build fascinating sculptures using only cans, cereal or juice boxes, bottles. As I mentioned before, next week all these cans will be donated to the local food banks.

I must admit that it was quite challenging to take photos and keep an eye on my daughter who couldn’t resist from going and knocking down those cans and bottles. Fortunately, they had a separate room filled with cans where kids could play and build their own towers. So at the end I let her go there and do whatever her heart desired.

There were many amazing sculptures that deserved to be recognized and admired, but these are my best picks:

PASSION TO FEED – you can see my sneaky daughter stepping on those bottles in the corner, while I was taking this picture.

CALLED FOR DINNER – notice the Campbell Soup “painting” by Andy Warhol on the wall?

THE BC LIONS GREY CUP CAN-TATA – dedicated to the local BC Lions football team’s victory in 2006 Grey Cup Game.

CAN YOU FIND TREASURE ISLAND – very spooky and imaginative.

So as you can see above, everybody has different favourite things: helping less fortunate, going out for dinner, watching football or reading a book. Besides playing with my daughter, my favourite things are kayaking with my husband (not anymore, until our daughter is big enough to join us), traveling, going for a walk or a bike ride. Of course, there are many other things that I like, but I don’t want to keep you away for too long from your favourite things.

By the way, what are you favourite things?

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