There are many interesting blogs that we all visit and sometimes comment on. Sometimes when I was too eager to quickly submit my comment and move on to another post, or another blog, or get back to my work, I wasn’t proofreading my comment and only afterwards noticing a typo on my already published comment. Or sometimes I would comment on a blog, and after submitting it I wish I could go back and re-phrase my comment, but it was too late to correct the mistakes. That’s when I was hoping that there was an option to edit the comment on all these blogs.

Thanks to Ronald from Reader Appreciation Project my wish came true and today a new invaluable WordPress plugin has been released – WP Ajax Edit Comments

Those who were commenting on my blog this week must’ve noticed the ability to edit your comments here. Unknowingly you were all alpha and beta testers of this new plugin. Since I didn’t receive any complaints from my readers, looks like the testing of this plugin was successful. Now you are presented with a chance to install this indispensable new WordPress plugin on your blog.

You can find download and installation instructions at RA Project, along with some screenshots. It is very easy to install and set up WP Ajax Edit Comments on your blog. So, give it a try and let me know what you think of it. I find it extremely handy and valuable.

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21 Insightful Bits in response to “New Invaluable WordPress Plugin – WP Ajax Edit Comments”

  1. *blush* Thanks Vivien.

    - edit.. I meant.. Thank You.

    - edit… I meant… Thank you a lot!

    - edit… You get the point!

  2. does it also allow the user to delete their comment? what about anonymous users?

    [edit] ah, guess it doesn’t allow deletion.. unless one removes the full content that is…

  3. Seeing a lot of good & useful improvements on your blog! Keep going!

  4. ibit

    @Mahmood No, it’s only an Edit comment plugin. But you’ve got a good point there – it shouldn’t allow to leave a blank comment when editing. What do you think, Ronald?

    Thanks, Shankar. Glad you liked it.

  5. Vivien,

    I released an updated version that fixes some character encoding issues and implements your suggestion.

  6. Jess

    Very interesting, I’ve been to many many blogs and have never edited my posts before!

  7. Vivien,
    Why not you install a “Reply to this comment” kinda plugin here, that would be helpful since you always reply to our comments, building up a lively conversation :)
    Like the one John Chow has on his blog.

  8. Shankar,

    Are you talking about those nested comment type things? Although I’ve seen them, they can get pretty messy if layered deep enough…

  9. That’s exactly why I didn’t install that “nested comments” plugin on my blog.
    … But i like the idea, I’m just not crazy about the way it works…

  10. Yeah, I meant that.

  11. Bes

    Ronald rocks, doesn’t he? Of course he does, because he wrote such a wonderful thing.

    And you rock also, don’t you? Of course you do, because you had such a wonderful idea for such a plugin. :D I am using it now too and it’s cool!

  12. ibit

    Ronald is genius, that’s for sure.
    Thanks for the credit, Bes. It feels really good when some ideas/wishes come true.

    I’m glad you’ve installed it on your blog, I was wondering about that. I better leave another comment on your blog to test the plugin :-)

  13. thanks for sharing …
    checking it out now …

  14. ibit

    You’re welcome, subcorpus. I’m sure your readers will appreciate you installing this plugin.

  15. jsruok

    Seems like a useful feature. This comment is testing anonymous commenting.

    [edit] And it *does* work. But does the comment appear in here always only after it has been moderated or can that option be changed?

    [edit] Never mind. Installed the plugin. That moderation seems to be a totally separate thing. Everything’s working great! Thanks for the tip! :-)

  16. Vivien

    Glad you liked the plugin, jsruok :-)

  17. jmme

    trying comment editing feature

  18. Vivien

    jmme, do you mean you’ll be trying the plugin on your blog or here? It’s an incredibly useful plugin.

  19. Nice articles, helped me a lot thanks.

  20. I was looking for some type of plugin. It’s very useful. I installed this plugin and it worked very nice. After I installed this plugins I getting good number of traffic on my site…Appear like a useful feature. This comment is testing nameless commenting.Thank you….

  21. thank you

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