As you can see, I’m using a “Pretty” permalink type in my WordPress blog, using a customized permalink structure /%postname%/ This makes my post URLs to be more search-engine friendly.
However, I’ve stumbled upon this problem with my permalinks:
When editing my Post’s title, the original permalink structure didn’t change. I’ve scoured the internet, looking for the solution and finally got some pointers.

Up until now I didn’t pay much attention to my Post slug option when editing/writing my posts. But that’s where my answer was: WordPress automatically creates a post slug and a permalink based on the original post title, and even when I changed my post’s title later on, I noticed that the post slug didn’t change. So the solution was simple: all I had to do when updating my post is delete the post slug and leave it blank. Click Save, and your updated post title would be automatically picked up by the post slug and the post’s permalink would be updated as well. Hurrah to post slugs :-)

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4 Insightful Bits in response to “Post Slug and Permalinks”

  1. That sounds good, but you need to be careful so you don’t ping too often (every time you edit your posts you ping the services again).

    Also, your original post will now be non-existent.

    I sometimes need to change a post title, but lately, I try to be very careful and make sure I have it right the first time.

  2. ibit

    Oh, I didn’t know about that part. Actually, I’m getting better now and haven’t been editing my post titles much.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. You’re welcome, Shannon. Just be very careful with the slugs and don’t update them after you’ve already published your post, otherwise people will be getting 404 error messages if Search engines were fast to index your URL that’s been changed.

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