As you all know, earlier I have announced that there will be only non-monetary prizes for the Reader Appreciation week, and I was really happy to see that it didn’t spoil the great spirit of this community’s readers. However I’ve received a generous proposal that Godfather would’ve called an “offer you can’t refuse” – Reader Appreciation Project is willing to sponsor one of my prizes for up to $50 USD.

So my question to you is would it be okay to have only one monetary prize for Inspiration Bit contests during the Reader Appreciation Week despite my original announcement? What is your opinion on that? With your approval, on April 5th I will announce a new contest and decide on a prize.

Don’t forget that there’s still time left for the Second Contest with Inspiration Bit. I look forward to getting more non-monetary prize suggestions from you.

Thank you all and Good Luck.

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7 Insightful Bits in response to “Prize sponsorship for Inspiration Bit”

  1. LGR

    I like cash prizes so I have no problem with it. Maybe I’ll win and can use it to pay my prize over at Video Rambler.

  2. LOL LGR. I just had a flashback of my economics class during my college years. Thanks a lot :P

  3. Cash is always cool. Count me in.

  4. Why not gift a book? :)

  5. ibit

    Thank you all – looks like nobody is against some money from this blog and the sponsors :-)
    I will announce the prize and the contest rules on April 5th. Stay tuned!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

  7. Jess is a great prize! I’m glad you decided on it! :)

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