I know, I should come up with better headlines for these type of posts, something more creative. Perhaps I should announce a contest for the most imaginative headlines for my contest-related posts, what do you think?

Anyhow, the First Contest with Inspiration Bit is over and there is one lucky winner who’ll be interviewed by me next month. As promised I will announce the winner on April 9th, so please don’t ask me to spill the beans ahead of time.

Now, it’s time for the Second Round:

  1. Suggest a non-monetary prize that you’d like to win on this blog from me
  2. Recommend on how I should choose the winner of this contest:
    • Should I choose the best suggestion myself?
    • Should I select several entries but hold a Poll and let others to vote for the winner?
  3. Submit your thoughts by either contacting me or commenting here.

The deadline for this contest is April 5th, 2007. I will announce TWO winners (1st place and 2nd place) of this contest on April 10th. Thank you and Good luck everybody. Look forward to your ideas.

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28 Insightful Bits in response to “Second Contest with Inspiration Bit”

  1. Hi, I’m glad to hear you have a winner for the first contest. I’m looking forward to read the interview.

    Secondly, if I were to win one of the Inspiration Bit contests, I would like the prize to be an article written by you for my blog, as a guest blogger.

    Regarding the way to elect the winners, the poll option might be interesting, in terms of interactivity and community building. On the other hand, if you select what you think it’s best, then the prize will have the added value of your recognition (as people who read and participate in your blog’s life appreciate the value you create here).

  2. Hey… I’m a bit confused… Seriously… What’s the contest all about? :?

    I think you must choose your winner via a poll. That will be the best option.

    Non-monetary prize: Please design a template :) for the winner’s blog, if he doesn’t have a good one and doesn’t know to create one. You’re a web designer… and there are tons of blogs out there with good content… but with worst designs… like mine… :D

  3. ibit

    Thank you very much for the appreciation, Simonne. So far I really like your suggestion :-)

    Shankar, so if I understood you correctly, if you win – you’d like me to design a template for Your blog, is that right? See, now we’re both confused ;-)

  4. Yes, right!

  5. LGR

    I think the prize should be similar to Simonne’s suggestion, except make it a blog swap. You right a post for me and I write a post for you.

    I think you should pick the winner. I just dislike polls.

  6. How about the first place prize being a template design and the second place prize a logo. I personally need a logo. I have toyed around with a couple of things but have yet to settle on one. I think the winners should be chosen by you. I do think you should have a different winner for each contest in this series.

  7. ibit

    Thanks, guys.

    Looks like the majority prefers me to chose the winners. Huh, that’s going to be a difficult decision – I like all your suggestions.

    Look forward to getting more prize ideas from others. I have a week to make up my mind.

  8. ibit

    oh, and of course, I’ll have different winners for each contest and prize :-)

  9. I think if someone gets placement on your blog then you should decide the winner to make sure you are happy with what they might write.

    I also think any prizes should be in the spirit of the community; for example, cross publishing seems like a good a good idea, or getting the winner to write on your blog about a topic chosen by the readership.

  10. ibit

    Thanks, Andrew – really appreciate your input on this.

  11. I think the winner should get a sitewide link for 1 year.

    And the winner should be selected by 2-3 reputable bloggers ( contact them and let them get the words out).

    I hate polls because it can be easily manipulated if I’m a high school student with lots and lots of friends who are wiling to visit this site and click.

  12. How about if the reader has a blog, you provide a free blog and design critique.

    I also think you should be the judge. :)

  13. ibit

    I was thinking about a link for one month, but for one whole year?! Actually, I don’t think it’s worth it – people would get used to it and would think it’s part of a design ;-)
    Btw, I like your blog, Inspirational Quote Maniac. Good luck with the upgrade! Don’t forget to add About page ;-)

  14. ibit

    free blog & design critique you say… Should I be nice with my critique or harsh? I don’t want to lose readers ;-)

  15. Do I enter in it if I just answer the two questions?

    I’ll like to win a cute logo design.. and I think you should pick the winner. I’m not really a fan of polls myself :)

  16. How about a blog makeover? Or perhaps help someone with a WordPress/Blogger/Blogspot account to transition over to a full domain name.

  17. ibit

    Thank you all for the great suggestions – keep them coming, there’s on more day left :-)

    Maki, of course, you can enter – my contests are open to everybody – old and new readers. Btw, what means “Dosh-Dosh” (in case you win the logo-redesign)?

  18. ibit, “Dosh” is british slang for money. :)

  19. ibit

    thanks for the clarification, Maki. As you can see, I’m not British :-)

    here we call it moolah ;-)

  20. How about having a cummulative cotest, where by those who enter give away a link to the winner as well as a link to your site, and you thereby give them a link on your site. A three way reciprocal link sort of link prize.

    Would be difficult, but could be a monthly sort of contest, and if the contestants did not make the post they would not be eligible for future months contests.

  21. ibit

    it’s an interesting idea, Pixelhead. A bit too complicated getting it to work as desired though.
    Btw, I like the contest on your site, but I don’t know all answers :-)

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