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On December 25th Inspiration Bit will celebrate its first blogging anniversary. Even though I’ve set it up on December 12, I officially registered it on Technorati on Christmas Day. I haven’t decided yet on how I would celebrate this “significant” date, perhaps you can suggest me something? I’m not really keen on the idea of attracting sponsors (if any) and throwing a big prize giveaway, I don’t want anyone to get upset because of not winning any of the prizes.

What do you remember about your first days of blogging? For me it was like jumping into the ocean and either swimming far away from the shore energized and motivated, or swimming back to the land exhausted and hoping to survive. I was constantly learning something new. One day I was feeling confused, the next day I was ready to conquer the blogiverse only to be covered with another wave of discouragement.

At first I was posting whenever I had time, but as soon as I started getting some comments and discovering that people are actually subscribing and reading my blog, I became more responsible, and soon was posting almost daily. It didn’t last more than a few months though. I don’t know how others do that, but I find it very challenging to post daily while working (not blogging) full time. Those of you who are reading this blog since its early days, probably noticed the reduction in the number of posts per week. These last couple of months it hit the lowest – only one or a maximum of two posts per week, plus the new weekly feature A Bit Of Literature. Surprisingly though, the number of subscribers and visitors to this blog steadily grows. One of the blogging mysteries :-)

The reason behind that decrease is that in the past two months we were busy house hunting and selling our condo and then moving to a new place. First after a long search we finally found a place that we really liked, so we made an offer that was accepted, but with one condition: we get less than a month to sell our place. We agreed.
our old house - living room For the next few weeks we were living like in a museum: I’ve never had this house so clean, neat and beautifully set up before, but it was a constant struggle to keep it in the same presentable condition for so long (especially with the child at home). We had to be ready to leave our house anytime so that the potential clients could come and see our place, plus having an open house every weekend, when anyone could drop by and check it out.

Despite all our efforts and praise from many visitors, we didn’t find a buyer for our place by the set deadline. So we lost that place we liked, and re-started our house hunting. A week after we had an accepted offer on our place, we had buyers, but we didn’t have a place to move to. So we were back to square one, only from another end.

Needless to say those were very stressful days, so it’s no surprise that our immune systems were so low that we managed to get cold after cold, everyone from my daughter to my husband. My husband even ended up with pneumonia, I got a lung infection, and my daughter had a high fever for five days in a row. We’re still not fully recovered yet after catching another cold, but getting better. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, isn’t there?

our new house - one of the townhousesTo make the story short, we did manage to find another place, so we sold ours, bought a new one (a townhouse) and last weekend we moved. I’m not sure what’s more difficult – to pack or unpack? I’m leaning towards unpacking being more challenging. We’re still not fully unpacked, our new place looks like a big mess, but hopefully we’ll be all done by Christmas and celebrate it in a new nice and clean place.

So here you go: that’s why I didn’t have (and still don’t) much time left for blogging. Last week I did manage to timestamp my entry to Simonne’s group project, but didn’t prepare anything for the lit bit, hoping I’d have time to do so on the weekend, but we didn’t hook up our internet connection until late night on Sunday. I’m also catching up with all the accumulated client work, and I’m still hoping to give Inspiration Bit a much needed makeover for its first anniversary.
I have several drafts waiting to be finished and published when I have time and I’ll be hosting another group writing project this week and giving away the prize money I won from DailyBlogTips. So stay tuned for the details. In one of my upcoming posts I will share with you what I’ve learned from moving and unpacking that can be applied to blogging.

When was the last time you moved? How did it go?

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13 Insightful Bits in response to “There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

  1. Happy Birthday! Blogging part time is clearly working for you. 528 RSS readers is no small feat. I would love to hear some of your strategies for publicizing your blog and learn from you.
    Here’s to another great year!

  2. Congrats on nearly reaching the first milestone. I remember my first day of blogging. Exciting as well as confusing .

  3. Phew! I can relate to the moving! I did it 2 months ago and I’m still not fully unpacked (which makes me wonder if I really need all that stuff I haven’t touched for 2 months!). You remember that part from The Incredibles where the mom calls to tell Mr. Incredible that they are “officially moved in” because she unpacked the last box like 2 years later? Ha! That’s going to be me. Hopefully you have more luck ;)

    Oh and WOOHOO! for your one year anniversary! Very cool!

  4. One year… it sounds so long when you say it and think about it — but it’s not that long at all, is it? Congrats on the anniversary! That means mine is coming up soon too!

    My recent move wasn’t quite as stressful as yours because we were renting (as is the case now), but we had a long haul from the Northeast to the Southwest. The only thing that saved our sanity was that we shipped the kids off to North Idaho to stay with my parents for a few months while we packed, moved, and unpacked. I do remember that during the move I cut back on the blogging frequency to 2 or 3 posts per week for several weeks.

  5. Happy Xmas birthday and congratulations!

  6. Congrats on completing one year. Still love reading what you write.

    I guess I began writing around the same time last year, not sure though ;)

  7. Happy birthday (almost). Doesn’t a year pass by quickly.
    It’s certainly been a busy year fro you; in fact, I think it’s quite an impressive achievement, what with having a family, working more than full-time, moving and writing IB!
    I’m pleased you found a new place. Still have any unpacked boxes?

    Well, I’m looking forward to another year of IBit. Love the tunnel image, BTW. Quite a coincidence because I recently too some similar shots myself (not as good as the one you’ve used).

  8. Thanks everyone for your congratulations and kind wishes!

    Neena, welcome to Inspiration Bit. I’m planning on writing a post with the round up of Best Bits from the past year of blogging, with some new thoughts. So stick around, and you’ll definitely find out what were the strategies that I’ve used on this blog.

    Madhur, blogging is definitely an exciting hobby/profession, but at times it indeed can be confusing.

    Lauren, would you believe if I say that I haven’t seen the Incredibles yet? The other day it was on TV, but we were in the midst of unpacking, not much time left for movies/tv.
    But that “officially moved” 2 years later is funny indeed.

    Brian, that was a smart thing to do – to send kids away. We didn’t have anyone we could leave our daughter with, so she was with us all the time, running to me every 5 min, asking “mama, hug… hug baby”. So the amount of time I spent on cleaning, unpacking was far more than expected.

    Thanks, Kriz, for the xmas bday wishes ;-)

    Shankar, you mean you don’t even remember when you started blogging? I do remember that you were the first one who left a comment on this blog. Thank you!

    Johno, are you kidding me? It’s easier for me to tell you how many boxes we managed to unpack than count all the unpacked boxes that are still in the basement, begging for our attention.
    This past year flew by especially fast for me, it’s crazy if I stop and think about it.
    You know what? Because of that tunnel image I changed the title of this post just before publishing it.

  9. Happy anniversary!

    Yes, I remember when I started blogging. Not that particular day, but the first couple of months, when I got the impression that people who write every day never sleep. I’m still smiling when I remember how I used to pick by hand and put the Related posts at the end of every post I wrote – that was taking much longer than writing, and I was sure everybody is doing it that way.

    The last time I’ve moved? It was not so difficult, because we had no furniture: we moved from a rented apartment which was furbished to one we managed to buy, so we had nothing but clothes, a computer and a TV set. Everything else we bought afterwards.

  10. one year goes fast…. me got a few months to go. Looks like a nice house

  11. The last time we moved, we had to live in an interim house for six weeks which we rented from parents of another soccer player on my son’s team. It was a win situation for them, since I did all the mowing and raking during that time. What made it difficult was that all our stuff was packed in boxes in the garage and we only unpacked what we needed. Then we had early snow and i couldn’t find the kids’ snow stuff, but we got through it. Now it appears that when our last is out of high school that we will down to Arkansas, knowing that, I can start weeding out stuff now.
    Were you able to get rid of stuff before packing? We always managed to do that, but after 10 years here, stuff is piling up again.

  12. Thanks, Simonne. It took me sometimes to figure out the power of pingbacks, the first couple of weeks I was wondering how people find out about my published posts? ;-)

    Yes, it’s easier to move from the renting apt to the place you own. We did that five years ago when we bought our first place.

    Thanks, Simon. The house needs some renovations, but it is a nice one.

    Huh, Jenny, I should stop talking about the hardships of our move after reading about yours. We did get rid of some stuff before packing and still do after unpacking. It’s incredible how much junk do we accumulate in our lives, isn’t it?

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