The very first plugin that I’ve activated on my blog was Akismet. During the first month or so I wasn’t sure if it was actually working or not, since it didn’t catch any spams, although I was already getting comments on my blog. Several weeks later it caught the first spam comment on my blog.

From then on the more people visited my blog, the more spam was getting caught by Akismet. It was getting worse every day. Last week I was receiving 40-50 spams daily. I got tired of deleting all those spam comments from Akismet Spam.

Until finally, I’ve installed a new plugin to keep the spam under control – WordPress Comment Spam Stopper plugin. The plugin adds a captcha to my Comments form, asking a simple question that only humans would know the answer to, not some alien spammers. Thanks to Ronald for recommending it. Since activating it yesterday Akismet has managed to catch only 1 spam comment – that’s a big difference, I think.

Are you keeping spammers under control on your blogs?

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14 Insightful Bits in response to “Tired Of Spam – Activate The Spam Stopper”

  1. I’ve just done exactly the same thing. Different plugin but with the same results. 0 Spams.

  2. I may have to implement the same type of thing, I’m getting tired of deleting the spam comments in moderation. I’ve had spammers since about day 4, and they seem to come and go in waves.

    Well, I just tested your spam catcher on accident. I wasn’t paying attention and I said the Earth was square. Don’t ask me why I did that — it’s Monday. At least when you come back to the page it doesn’t clear your comments.

  3. I believe, the plugin you have installed now is not based on CAPTCHA. If you have CAPTCHA in installed then people will be tired of commenting here.

  4. Actually, the Earth is flat, but that is not one of the options :(

  5. Bes


    However, what if I really think the earth is a square? :O

  6. ibit

    @Bes – then you’ll never be able to leave a comment on my blog

    @Ronald – that’s the first time I see you disagreeing with me :-)

    @benedict – so what is CAPTCHA?

    @Brian – good luck with controlling the spam on your blog.

    @Andrew – which plugin do you use?

  7. I think I’m going to install this on my blog as well.
    @Bes: if you really think Earth is a square, all you have to do is lie, in order to be able to comment (it would be only another necessary lie we tell every now and then, to better fit in this world, wouldn’t it?)

  8. I really love the questions asked by these spam stoppers. Do you set the questions? :)

  9. ibit

    Yes, I set the questions (you can modify the plugin code and put any questions you want). I can perhaps set some tricky questions for you too, something like ‘How many miles are in 1 km?” :-)

  10. Did you ask me what is CAPTCHA? here is the Wiki link

  11. ibit

    oh, I know what is CAPTCHA. But since you said that the anti-spam plugin I use is not based on captcha, I asked you what in your opinion the captcha is.
    According to the same Wikipedia definition captcha is a “type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human”. Since only a human can correctly answer my question about the Earth, I do consider it being a captcha.

  12. CAPTCHA expands to Completely AutomatedPublic Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

    Is your anti-spam plugin automated? I can train my spam bot to enter “round” to your question and pass the test easily.. Can’t I?

  13. With JavaScript disabled, the input box shows up after the submit button. Make sure your spam bot has JavaScript enabled and waits for the page to finish loading before entering “round”.

  14. I would.. if I had an intention to SPAM :-)

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