Huh, this Second Contest was the most difficult one to judge and choose the two winners. I liked most of your ideas and prize suggestions. But I had to select only two of you as advertised. So I’ve decided that on Friday, April 13, I’ll pick one more person from the list of entries for the Second Content and present an honorary Final prize from Inspiration Bit from that person’s wishlist on my blog.

As for now, these are the two lucky Winners of the Second Contest with Inspiration Bit:

  1. Simonne

    Her personal wish for the prize: “if I were to win one of the Inspiration Bit contests, I would like the prize to be an article written by you for my blog, as a guest blogger”.
    So, let me know what you want me to write about on your blog and when, and it’ll be my honour to be a guest blogger over at “All Tips And Tricks”.

  2. Andrew

    His personal wish for the prize: “getting the winner to write on your blog about a topic chosen by the readership”.
    Andrew Rickmann is a freelance web designer and an expert in web standards. We will all definitely benefit from him being a guest blogger at Inspiration Bit. Frankly, I feel like I’m getting the prize from announcing him as a winner of my contest. So, please suggest a topic for Andrew to write about on my blog.

Update on other Inspiration Bit contests

  1. Tomorrow I will announce two more winners of the Fourth Contest with Inspiration Bit. You still have a few more hours to enter this contest and win a three months Ad Banner at Inspiration Bit.
  2. There will be some changes in the rules of the Third Contest with Inspiration Bit. I have decided to split the $50 Amazon Gift certificate into TWO $25 Amazon Gift Certificates, and award them to the Top Two Commentators on my blog. However, if I receive strong objections from you, my readers, I’ll reverse it to a single prize.
  3. There is still a chance to enter my Fifth Contest with Inspiration Bit. So don’t delay and subscribe to my RSS feed and win a very cool prize.

So, congratulations to Two new Winners: Simonne and Andrew. And Good luck to everyone else – there are three more contests to enter!

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9 Insightful Bits in response to “Two More Contest Winners”

  1. Simonne and Andrew,

    Congrats on winning the contest.


    Do link to the posts you write please. :)

  2. ibit

    of course, I will, Ronald :-)

  3. Congrats to Simonne and Andrew! :)

  4. I feel like a winner already, thank you.

    I always have such trouble thinking up topics for my blog as I think so much has been done before so it will be nice to hear what it is people want to know more about, especially if it is something I need to go away and research first.

  5. Thank you very much, you made my day :). Thanks everybody for the nice words. I’ll think of some possible topics and I’ll let you know, Vivian, via e-mail, so we don’t spoil the surprise of our readers ;)

    As of Andrew’s wish, a topic could be “animated elements and blog design: why are animations not so frequent (if not absent at all) in blogs”.

  6. ibit

    Look forward to getting your email, Simonne, and of course to Andrew guest blogging here.

    Simonne’s topic suggestion is very interesting. One of the other things I personally like to know about fellow web designers is how they come up and execute website designs. So perhaps Andrew, you can talk about that.

    Of course, it would be great if we could get some more topic ideas for Andrew from the readers. After all, you’ll be the one reading his article :-)

  7. I am certainly happy write about my design approach or to write about animating elements. Did you have anything particular in mind Simonne?

    Vivien, if you want to drop me an e-mail once you are satisfied that everyone has had a chance to put forward their thoughts, with the final topic and any other points you want me to include I will get writing.

  8. Jess

    Congrats Simonne and Andrew! :)

  9. Andrew,

    Here are a few ideas for topics that I’ve personally had to deal with:

    1. When to know when to break the rules regarding standards. For example, right now I’m struggling with creating a custom dtd in order to get something to validate. Is that overkill?

    2. How to convince back-end programmers to see the light regarding web standards. A real-life example is web forms. A back-end programmer is content to dropping form elements onto a grid, creating the back-end database, and having some program spit out the tag soup. How would you convince this guy that web standards is a better way to go than his current technique?

    3. Describe why web standards helps in the server-side arena and not just on the client side.

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