There are many articles on the Web dedicated to the cure of writer’s block. But what to do if you’re bursting out with the ready-to-go topics to talk about? What is the opposite of writer’s block? No, I’m not talking about “hypergraphia” here either. Just a sudden wave of ideas and thoughts that hate being lined up in suspense which one would get a privilege and attention of the “master”.

It’s been unofficially agreed upon in blogiverse that most readers prefer to see no more than 1-2 articles a day from one blog. But how should one behave if there was a unexpected stream of enlightenment that resulted in several ripe posts in drafts impatiently waiting to be published? Especially if that blogger was previously posting only 2-3 articles per week.

Should he/she spread the drafts evenly for every day of the week, or stick to the same schedule and stretch them out for a couple of weeks, for one of those rainy days when there’s no sunny ray of an intelligent and a creative thought in sight?

I know many would say – that’s a problem I wish I was worrying about. But then those who’ve experienced the same, who have several drafts scheduled to be published, how do you decide which one should be published first, if they’re not related to any particular event, nor they’re part of the series? And most importantly when you’re equally excited about each of those posts?

In my case I don’t have all those posts completed yet, and most probably I won’t have time to write every day, but I’m wondering which one I should address on this blog first.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll conduct an experiment. I’ll rely on your wisdom, intuition, taste, wit or experience (call it anything you like) to prioritize my future posts based on their titles:

  1. Creativity In Action: From Boring To Magical
  2. How To Come Up With Eye-Catching Titles
  3. First Rule Of Writing On Inspiration Bit
  4. How Important Blogger’s Resume Really Is?
  5. Crash Course In Blogging For Naive Newbies

Please tell me which article would you like to read first, what would be your second choice? Thank you all so much for making my blogging life easier.

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12 Insightful Bits in response to “Untitled And Undecided”

  1. This is the order that first came to my mind when reading your titles: 1, 3, 4, 5 and 2.

    As of your multiple posts question, I usually publish them immediately after finishing writing. However, if I have three ideas within one hour, I timestamp the posts to go online at least at two-three hours interval, if not longer.

  2. Number 1, definitely! If I were you, I would write them, and either space them out for your normal posting frequency, or, just keep them in the can for when you’ve got no idea what to post on, or when you go on vacation.

  3. Hmmm… 4 (blogger resume), 1 (boring to magical), 2 (eye-catching titles), 3 (first rule of writing), 5 (crash course in blogging)

    Personally, I try to stick with a regular schedule and save extra posts for those drought periods when inspiration just won’t come.

  4. Hmmmmm…. think I’d leave them in drafts folder and stick to regular posting frequency. I’d rather save them for he rainy days, but I know that rainy days would last since I don’t spend them all :)
    About which one goes published first…. it is hard thing to tell. Probably I would choose at the point of publishing, no sheadule.

  5. I would keep them tucked away for a bit and stick to the schedule you’ve created for yourself. Maybe by reading and mulling over them a tad more, you can take them from fantastic to absolutely incredible! And like you said, perhaps in a week or two you will have misplaced your muse and not have much to write about. Always good to have something in reserve. But continue cranking out the articles and keep them in “draft” mode while you are overflowing with ideas!

    As to which ones I would like to read, I think Creativity In Action: From Boring To Magical sounds the most fascinating and exciting to me, followed by Crash Course In Blogging For Naive Newbies (seeing as I will start my blog soon!). I’m looking forward to all of these topics you’ve presented to us! Way to go!!

  6. 2 4 5 1 3

    I hear what you’re saying about those surges of topic ideas. I usually have that happen once a month or so. I just write down the titles in WordPress and save it as an empty article. Then when I have time to write, I go back and start filling in the content. If I have more than one article that’s complete, I try to stick to my typical posting frequency and just publish whichever one I’m in the mood for.

  7. I would maintain your normal posting schedule.

    Now for my own selfish needs you can go ahead and post the How to Come Up With Eye-Catching Titles article tonight. I have been asked to write for one of the leading publications in my niche and the titles are killing me.

    Then you can treat yourself to the order of your choosing.

  8. Vivien

    I’m so lucky to have such a contributing audience here. Thanks everyone, so much.
    Looks like at this point #1 is leading, followed by #2, then #4, #5 and #3.

    Btw, Ronald has pointed out to me that #4 is a bit confusing (I agree), so I renamed it to “How Important Is It To Have A Killer Resume For A Blogger?”

    I’ll most probably post #3 much sooner, because it’s an entry to a Group Project over at CleanCutBlog – a new must read blog (by our own Rory).

    I really hope I didn’t build your hopes too high with those “catchy” titles and you won’t get disappointed by the actual posts.

    Thank you all soooooo very much! Where would I be without you?! (- in a bloggy hell)

  9. #3 first, obviously.

    In all seriousness (disregarding #3 because I’m biased) in order of looking forward to would be #5 (because I’m always after insight into what to do as a blogging newcomer) #2 (because I’m keenly interested in what your angle is on title-writing) #1 (because the more I read the title, the more intriguing it sounds) #4 (because it’s the other title ;))

    As far as posting is concerned, I try and use discernment. Is the article “of the moment” and will seem stale in a few days time (contains links etc to recent articles)? I like LaurenMarie’s idea of sitting on an article because it might get even better – what’s the rush.

    Whatever you choose, I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks on Inspiration Bit. And that makes your little teaser a fabulous idea in itself!

    Oh, I couldn’t resist, Viv, the countdown is an ABSOLUTE GAS!! Is that what Ajax Edit Comments does now? I’ve never seen that.

  10. Vivien

    Rory is referring here to the numbers in his Akismet Spam: apparently it catches more spam than there is in the Spam folder waiting to be deleted. I didn’t pay attention to that be4, but after tracking it for the last couple of days I noticed the same thing happening with my Akismet – it now shows that it caught 3,647 spam since my last visit to it when it was 3608, although there were only 5 spams displayed in the folder, so what happened to the other 39? Anyone else is experiencing the same? I’ll ask Ronald about his Ajax plugin.

  11. Actually, Viv, I didn’t mean that. I was referring to the countdown on the amount of time that there is left to edit a comment.

    When I wrote my comment and posted it, I then noticed the little countdown starting from 30 minutes – I had never seen that before and I thought it was pretty natty.

    HOWEVER…I am very interested in hearing that you have experienced the same (possible) anomaly with the spam. It has continued to happen at Hamelife. I’m sure it is nothing to do with Ajax Edit Comments, but there has to be some answer to it.

  12. Vivien

    oh, my apologies, Rory, I misunderstood you. Yes, that new countdown feature was added to the latest version of Ajax Edit Comments Plugin, you can get it from

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