While checking my indexing by Google today, I came across of a site URLFAN. It was linking to this site because of my review on John Chow.

Turns out that ://URLFAN is a new experiment that uncovers popular blog websites by parsing the content of thousands of RSS feeds.

Now every website owner can see who’s talking about their site in real time and how they compare to every other site on the Internet. There are many sites designed to rank the “traffic” of a website, such as Alexa, however ://URLFAN is different. We rank sites according to their popularity in the fast moving and growing world of RSS feeds.

Since my site is very new and I don’t have yet any RSS subscribers, it didn’t have any information for me. But because inspirationbit was mentioned in the results for JohnChow.com, I’ll copy his ranking on ://URLFAN (I hope he won’t mind :-) ):

Ranks 4177 out of 1,844,043 sites
Mentioned in 64 unique feeds.
Mentioned in 85 posts.

It even has an interesting graph that shows the ranking growth. For johnchow.com it grew from being #12372 on October 23 to being 4177 on January 11. That’s a very amazing growth – congratulations, John :-)

Now, I’ve added URLFAN to my bookmarks, will check it in a couple of months to see my blog’s ranking.

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2 Insightful Bits in response to “URLFAN, or how popular is your blog”

  1. Hi,

    I tried URLFAN on my sites and I had the surprise to see that the site I thought as being weaker was in fact much better than the other one. Anyway, I liked this tool, thank you for sharing. And I also like your blog. I’ll subscribe to it.

    All the best!

  2. ibit

    You’re welcome Simonne. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I will start exploring your blog now :-)

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