I’m subscribed to several RSS feeds from web development and promotion related sites. It’s interesting to note that practically every day, at least a couple of those sites post some kind of articles on Digg – be it a how-to guide on how to get traffic from Digg, or get on Digg’s homepage, or exposing Digg in unfair manipulations, or painting a picture of Digg users.

There are lots of things that can be said about Digg and its users, however I will state only two facts about Digg and Diggers:

  1. Digg’s traffic is very beneficial for anyone’s website
  2. very often though there’s a high price to pay for that traffic: humiliation from Digg users

Once I’ve decided to collect Top 10 sites that were absolutely loved by all Diggers. Guess what? I was able to collect only ONE such site: 53 CSS Techniques – it received 4807 diggs and 71 favourable comments.

So what can Digg do with your website? Bring you a nice traffic – Yes. Absolutely crush your article – Yes again.

As you can tell, my first Digg experience wasn’t that nice – I’ve submitted my article on photos by Chema Madoz. It got 5 diggs, 2 comments. After that I’ve decided to hold off submitting my articles to digg and study the digg culture :-)

I just couldn’t resist from not posting this cartoon on my blog. It’s from blaugh.com – a very funny blog with interesting caricatures and cartoons on practically any topic. Check it out and tell me what was your experience with Digg like?

Digg Damned

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7 Insightful Bits in response to “What Can Digg do with your website?”

  1. Ha, ha!

    The cartoon is great! I did not experience the Digg frontpage yet, but I’ve got Farked once, and the comments were incredibly mean. Nevertheless, my post was quite stupid, so I was really amazed that there were people out there who considered it worth to be mentioned.

  2. ibit

    Yeah, I did notice that on Digg – sometimes they comment just for the sake of leaving their footprint on Digg, just to show everyone how smart they are. Of course, I can’t say that about all comments, some of them are really good, get straight to the point and I can actually learn a thing or two from them.

  3. 62 readers for your feed! Great!
    Good luck for the future!
    I visit your blog everyday and I never miss to see the feed count on the top-right!
    YouR BloG RockS!

  4. ibit

    WOW! Thanks for the great news, Shankar! When I checked the feed number yesterday it was showing 29, and today …. huh
    Thanks everyone, stay tuned for more posts…. :-)

  5. BTW, Are you not interesting in earning from your blog, Vivien?

  6. ibit

    I am interesting, but not yet. First, I want to get more traffic to the site, as well as write more useful articles to get more loyal readers like you :-) Secondly, my current blog style wouldn’t work well with ads, I’m working on the redesign.

  7. That cartoon really shows what digg users are about..

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