peachAccording to sponsored by Pantone, my Birthday colour is Peach – Pantone 14-1227. I can’t say that I believe in Astrology, or in this case, Colorstrology, but I find it fascinating to read horoscopes, especially when some of the things match in the profile. So what metaphysician Michele Bernhardt had to say about me in her Colorstrology?

Although you can be easy-going, you are not afraid to say what’s on your mind when you are pushed up against the wall. You may not think so, but communicating and moving in and out of social situations are things that come naturally to you. Many people born on this day can be found in the performing arts. Your personal color helps ease your sense of responsibility.

I must say that’s a pretty close depiction of me, although I’m not in the performing arts. I don’t think I’ll use Peach colour on my website, but I must admit it is a very soothing colour so I may follow psychic’s advice to add Peach colour to my surrounding, which helps to “align your inner calling while keeping you flexible, humble and open to opportunities and solutions”.

I’ve recently installed Colorstrology Dashboard Widget on my Mac – it shows a different Pantone colour and a profile for each day. If you’re curious to find out what is your colour, based on your birthday, then head to, pick your day and discover your colour. And if your profile happens to match mine, then we’re born on the same day. :-)

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14 Insightful Bits in response to “What is Your Colour?”

  1. Mine was mysteriously accurate.. I think I might blog about it!

  2. My B’day falls on Dec 2.
    Mine was Adriatic Blue.
    It depicted me as:
    You are a force to be reckoned with..quick-witted…
    That was really close to what I am, though some were irrelevant…Cool!

  3. here
    Sorry for the double post :)

  4. ibit

    Looks like you guys enjoyed playing with Colorstrology :-)

    Shankar, don’t you think that Adriatic Blue is a perfect name for a nickname? :-)

  5. ibit

    Looks like you guys enjoyed playing with Colorstrology :-)

    Shankar, don’t you think that Adriatic Blue is a perfect choice for a nickname? :-)

  6. You can see my post now.. actually I think we both have very similar colors, are you born in January as well?

  7. ibit

    No, not in January, but February – pretty close. If you’re born after Jan 21, then we’re both Aquarius :-)
    I like the name of your colour – Lion.

  8. Hmmm.. No, I’m Jan 19.

    So you must be born between Jan 21st and Feb 19th.. I would go check each one of the colors to find your exact birthday but I can’t be bothered! Why not just tell us? =)

  9. ibit

    I didn’t tell, because no one asked me to, until now :-)
    It’s Feb 10th :-)

  10. Btw, how does this trackback thing work? Isn’t it supposed to show the entries that list here?

    Not just here, I also made some other links to other sites with trackback but couldn’t find it. Am I not supposed to trackback and link directly to the article?

  11. ibit

    That’s a good question – I’m still trying to figure out how this trackback thing works. Usually when someone links directly to my posts (no trackbacks), they show up in my comments, and then I moderate them. But I didn’t get your link to my trackback in my comments. Perhaps, we can test and see how it works if you link directly to this post instead of the trackback?
    I myself never use trackbacks, I simply link to another blog’s post.

  12. Yeah, the name’s good, but not for a typical Indian like me :)

  13. ibit

    You’re right – Adriatic Sea is far from India :-)

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