bluefurThere are thousands of hosting companies on the internet. Which one to choose from can be one of the hardest decisions that a webmaster makes. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do much thinking where to host my blog’s site because I knew what I wanted from a hosting company and I already had one particular company in mind:, formerly known as The fact that this was a local company and that the company’s owner is frequenting the same Vancouver forum as I, has definitely sealed a deal for me.

First time I came across this company was at one of the Tech forums. They had a promotion for all Web designers which offered a free life-time hosting, no strings attached. Of course, I didn’t waste my time and switched my company’s site over to MonsterHosting.

Usually, most things free have many flaws, but not in this case – these guys had an excellent 24/7 customer support (a very important feature that many hosting companies lack), incredible Control Panel with all necessary features and a package that included everything I ever needed for my site.

Of course, I’ve referred and hosted most of my clients to them, and everyone is happy about it. The only thing that I’d want them to improve on is to give more Disk Space. But you just can’t beat their price for MiniUnix package – $4.95US/month. What a sweet deal! Just take a look at what they’re offering for that price.

Recently, they’ve been sued by some hot-shot guys with the Monster in their company’s name, so rather than spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, they made a smart move and renamed their company to To be honest with you, I like the new name much more than the old one, even though it doesn’t include the word Hosting, it does suit their blue furry mascot much better.

So good luck to you, BlueFur. I’m sure you’ll be getting more and more loyal customers who’ll find that it’s a pleasure to pet your fuzzy blue fur :-)

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