Most probably everyone heard of the MillionDollarHomepage project by Alex Tew, a British student, who sold 1 million pixels of internet ad space on his website for $1 each, in hopes of paying his way through university. Well, now several years later, a Russian student – Andrey Veprikov is following his steps. He’s running a project called Money Will Change The World.

Here’s how he describes his idea behind this site:

A long time ago people invented chess so that they can decide territorial arguments by moving pieces on a board divided into cells. I took the world map, cleared it out and divided it into cells. Now everyone can participate in peacefully defining the World. I hope that my unique idea will find support among people and also will allow me to earn some money.

So, now he’s selling each cell of the map for $100. He defined certain rules so that anyone can purchase any number of cells, but “at least one of them must be within the territory of your country of residence or border with a cell owned by a fellow countryman. “

So will money change the world? I think the world has already changed since the invention of money, and it keeps changing because of many reasons, not just money. As for this project: I’m curious to see how long would it take Andrey to fill all available cells on the map, if ever. So far he sold 10 cells, thus made $1000, since the launch of the site on January 3rd, 2007.

What I found interesting about this project is that it seems to be possible to copy someone’s idea, add a little bit of twist to it and still make money. Well, at least it belongs to a student with a family to support. So go for it, Andrey, make money on those who have plenty of it :-)

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  1. You got to make money one way or the other.Thats the only drive…

  2. ibit

    Hi Ashish. Welcome to my blog :-)
    Yes, money is a powerful source. I wouldn’t call it a source for inspiration, but let’s just say that the lack of money would quickly dry that inspiration well.

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