I just found out that WordPress 2.1 will be released on January 22, 2007. It’s interesting to notice that if not for Technosailor’s 10 Things You should Know About WordPress 2.1 I wouldn’t be able to find out what are the new WordPress features (I guess I should subscribe to their beta-testers list). Even WordPress blog links to Aaron’s article.

Anyhow, I’m very pleased with some of the new features, especially with these three:

  1. Better Image Upload Handling option – which was always very confusing (will a thumbnail be inserted or a full image?). Now they’ve replaced it with radio-button style options and added the option of editing the image attributes after the image is uploaded
  2. New Visual Editor Interface – very often I found that my posts didn’t look right because TinyMCE editor was messing up the code, so I disabled Visual rich editor from Options, and only once in awhile I enable it again. Version 2.1 comes with two tabs in the Write section – Visual and Code – so much better.
  3. Auto-save of Drafts – very often, when writing new posts, I’d mechanically try saving it by pressing the combination option+S (can you tell that I’m a Mac user now? :-) ). Now version 2.1 adds an autosave function that is automatically implemented, using AJAX, when writing new drafts

I’m not sure how many hosting companies haven’t yet upgraded from MySQL 3 to MySQL4 (there’s already MySQL 5, wake up :-)), but hopefully they’ll be pushed to now since WordPress 2.1 has eliminated support for older versions of MySQL prior to version 4.

Also, I’ll still need to scan through the WordPress plugins backward compatibility list to see whether all my plugins would still work with the new version, before I upgrade my blog.

Update: I found two more articles on new WordPress 2.1 release:

  1. Lorrelle has posted her Glimpses of WordPress 2.1 (I’ve checked her blog a couple of days ago, but didn’t see this post – now I’ll add her to my RSS list – to be up to date with WordPress news)
  2. Ryan Boren, one of the lead WordPress developers, wrote a couple of posts about the new release (just subscribed to his RSS as well).

Ryan Boren has also mentioned about the upcoming release of WordPress 2.2 which will come with some very desirable features according to users wishes from the Ideas pool. Some of the ideas I’m looking forward to are:

  • automated update option or at least an Easy Updating of WordPress
  • Thumbnail and image resizing
  • Plugin Update Notification
  • Customizable Dashboard

What features would you like to see in the upcoming releases of WordPress?

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2 Insightful Bits in response to “WordPress 2.1 – new and useful features”

  1. The idea pool is really great.Most of the time i am worried about the plugin compatibility with wordpress 2.1

    wow and 2.2 coming soon lol i need a break.Good post and it has very useful links.

  2. ibit

    Thanks, Ashish.
    Yes, I liked their ideas pool too – hopefully the’ll integrate most of the ideas in future releases.

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