For quite some time I wanted to host a group writing project dedicated to people’s experience with social media sites. The power and popularity of sites like YouTube,, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook grew and continues to rise exponentially on a daily basis. Some of them even brought new verbs into our lexicon: digging, facebooking, flickring, while twittering now applies not only to birds.

There are many resources and articles dedicated to different aspects of social networking sites. has put together a well organized list of 30 popular social media sites with a practical break down of their characteristics and tactics. collected a handy list with the top 100 social networking blogs.

Despite all those resources we still find ourselves looking for answers, tips and solutions to a better integration of some of those social media sites with our life and work. That’s why I thought of hosting a group writing project and inviting everyone to contribute to it with their personal experience with some of those sites. This way we can all share and learn from each other instead of spending too much time on figuring things out on our own, comparing and deciding which site would suit our life style better than the other.

However instead of hosting one large project dedicated to dozens of social media sites, how about organizing a collaborative group project by splitting it between several bloggers who would host a project specializing on a specific niche or a social networking site. All those projects would start and end at the same time and their hosts would join the forces together and compile a categorized list with all the entries from every project.

I’ve already talked to two bloggers who are willing to host the individual projects on their blogs: Simon from would organize the group project dedicated to StumbleUpon (in fact, he’s already collecting articles from his readers written about StumbleUpon) and Brian from Epic Edits has agreed to invite his readers to contribute tips on photography related social networking sites like Flickr and Zooomr.

Now all we need is to find who else is interested in this collaboration? Here’s the list of the remaining popular social media sites that I’d like to include in this project:

  • Social bookmarking:, Newsvine and
  • News aggregation: Digg, Reddit, Slashdot, Netscape
  • Social networking: Facebook (personally, I’m not too keen on including MySpace here, how about you?)
  • Presence applications: Twitter
  • Video sharing: YouTube
  • Virtual reality: Second Life (dandellion: hint-hint ;-) )

If you think that there are other social media sites that are worth including to this list, please, let me know.

Quoting Wikipedia: “Social media uses the ‘wisdom of crowds’ to connect information in a collaborative manner”. So what do you think of a new type of a group writing project that’s dedicated to the topic of social media, by spreading it among several other blogs, collaboratively connecting them and the collected information?
Let me know, please, if you’re interested in taking on a group project dedicated to any of the sites above? I look forward to reading your ideas and thoughts about this “project of projects” (as Brian called it).

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34 Insightful Bits in response to “Would You Participate In A Collaborative Social Media Project?”

  1. hey,very interesting. HOpe your hard work payoff……..

  2. Ina

    Hi Vivian,
    I am quite new to the bloging world but have read and been on your site a few times and LIKE IT!!!
    I think these projects of yours are a great idea and the only one of the sites you mentioned I feel I can talk about is facebook.
    I love the whole thing of beeing able to keep up with my friends and family virtualy scatterd all over the globe.

    Warmest regards from the bottom (top) of the world, New Zealand :):)

  3. :) Sure, I like the idea.
    And, I would include MySpace… it might be interesting to see how different it is from facebook though both should be the same idea behind.

  4. first of all, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    Nicholas, thanks for the wishes. Hope you’ll participate in those projects.

    Ina, thanks for the kind words. You don’t need to know anything about those social media sites. That’s the whole purpose of these projects – to learn how those sites work and how to use them efficiently. So perhaps you can challenge yourself and pick a site that you know nothing about and write about your experience with it, as well as ask your readers to contribute. What do you think?

    Dandelion, glad you liked the idea. I’m putting you on my list of partners who will host the project dedicated to Second Life :-)
    If there will be an interest in hosting MySpace project then I have nothing against that ;-)

    Thanks, guys. Hope more people will get on board with this and we’ll run the projects in the new year, hopefully in January. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Vivien, I am interested in writing about for the project. This’ll make for an interesting writing project.

  6. Hi, I’m going to host the Sphinn part of the project, if it is OK with you.

  7. Aaron, thanks a lot for your interest in hosting project on I’ve put you down on my list. In a week or so I’ll post the updates on this project and list all project partners with their chosen social media sites.

  8. Simonne, of course it’s ok with me – I’m thrilled you’ll be hosting project on Sphinn. Thank you!

  9. Hello Vivien,

    It’s my first visit to your site. I came here after receiving an enthusiastic recommendation from one of your readers, Pearl. Now I’m really glad she told me about your project. :)

    Can I host the YouTube part? I’m far from being a “power user” over there, but as you’ve said, that would be my chance to learn more about it, while encouraging others to do the same. ;)

    I believe MySpace would be a nice addition to the project. I know many people dislike that site. However, it’s too relevant to be ignored. In fact, I’m more familiar with MySpace than with YouTube. But since each blogger should host only one part of the project, I chose to stick to my first pick. That is, if you allow me to host it. :)

  10. Hi Karen,
    Welcome to InspirationBit. Pearl, thanks so much for the promotion and reference! Karen, you’re more than welcome to host a project for two or more social networking sites. You could host a project for both sites – YouTube and MySpace at the same time, and ask your readers to contribute a post to either one or another site. Let me know, if you would like to do so? Thanks a lot for your interest and participation!!

  11. Ina

    Hi Vivien,
    If you don’t mind I would like to write on the Facebook. I warning there I am no expert in the thing but love it! :):) It does the things I love most :)

  12. Hi Vivien, I saw this post last week and I’m just now getting around to reading it. I immediate thought, “I can’t wait to see the results!” I would like to participate, but I don’t want to let you down if I end up not having time to write something. Perhaps I’ll just write an article for one of the other folks hosting a segment of the project.

    Have you visited Caroline Middlebrook‘s site? Maybe you could contact her about hosting a project that no one has taken up yet! It would fit in perfectly with what she is educating herself about and it seems like it would be even better if she knows nothing on the subject! (BTW, I don’t know her very well so if you do contact her and say it was because of me, it probably won’t mean anything to her ;) ) Hmm… I haven’t read her blog in a while and it looks like she’s going through a tough time… still, perhaps it could be a resource to other participants in this project. She has some amazing “tutorials” on social media.

  13. You could host a project for both sites – YouTube and MySpace at the same time, and ask your readers to contribute a post to either one or another site. Let me know, if you would like to do so?

    Yes, yes, yes! It would be great! Thank you very much for this opportunity. :)

    If you need some additional promotion for this project, let me know. I may try to help a bit. ;) And in case you need a host for a particular site that no one else picks… well, I may give it a try and host it too. But hopefully that won’t be necessary. I believe more bloggers will join the group. :)

  14. Karen, thanks a lot for your interest in hosting the project for both sites YouTube and MySpace. I’ve currently have the following social media sites covered:

    - YouTube & MySpace
    - Facebook
    - Sphinn
    - Flickr & Zooomr
    - Second Life

    So if there’s anyone else who’s interested, there are still many sites left for “grab” ;-)

    Lauren, thanks for your suggestion to contact Caroline. I’ve read her recent posts and know what a rough time she’s going through now, but I’ve still contacted her and if she replies then – great, if not – I understand why.
    No worries about not being able to host a project, if you could contribute to it in one of your articles, that would be great.

    Ina, I’m not sure what I should do, since I’ve already promised the Facebook spot to Pearl, but I’ll ask her if she wouldn’t mind taking on another project and email you back, since you were the first one to express the interest in it, but I wasn’t 100% sure that you would commit to it. So expect an email from me about this, ok?

  15. ok, Ina, I’ve just emailed you, and to keep everyone up to date, you’re okay to host Facebook project on your blog, Pearl has kindly agreed to host projects dedicated to other social networking sites.

  16. I’ve currently have the following social media sites covered:

    - YouTube & MySpace
    - Facebook
    - Sphinn
    - Flickr & Zooomr
    - Second Life

    What about StumbleUpon? I thought it was already taken, but you didn’t mention it in the list above.

    I know Simon’s final list of SU-related posts has already been published (I’ve submitted an article of mine to it). Will this count as the SU part of your project?

  17. Karen,
    I haven’t yet decided what to do with StumbleUpon. I think that if nobody expresses an interest to host a StumbleUpon project than I’ll simply include Simon’s project results. I know that Simon doesn’t want to host another SU project so we’ll see how it goes. Today I’ve approached Caroline with the offer to host Twitter and StumbleUpon projects, if she agrees then great, if not then I’ll wait and see if anyone would be interested in those sites.

  18. All right. I asked about it because StumbleUpon would actually have been my first choice. As you mentioned Simon’s project in your post, I thought it was no longer available, hence I picked YouTube and MySpace.

    It would be great if Caroline Middlebrook joined the project! :D However, if she doesn’t, then don’t forget thay I’m more than interested in hosting the SU project. ;)

  19. JHS

    I’m in! E-mail me with the details, please.

    Happy holidays!

  20. what a fantastic idea, and vivien, this is so cool: you alerted us to the blogging goals project, which prompted us to post on my other blog, alphablogs, about our blogging goals. and one of the of the goals was to participate meaningfully in social media!

    so – could i take stumbleupon on one blog and twitter on another?

  21. Thanks, JHS, I’ll be sending you email soon.

    Isabella, I just read your post – how many blogs are you writing for? ;-) didn’t know about alphablogs.

    Actually, Karen Zara was interested in hosting StumbleUpon if Caroline doesn’t take it. I got an email from Caroline saying that she wrote everything she could possibly say about SU and Twitter, so she won’t be taking on those sites again. So how about if Karen hosts StumbleUpon and you, Isabella, would host Twitter on one blog and any other remaining social networking sites on another? Would you be interested in hosting LinkedIn on another?

    So, Karen, could you please, confirm if you’re okay with SU, and Isabella – with Twitter and ….?
    Thanks everyone.

  22. Yes, I’m more than okay with StumbleUpon! *happy* I’ll take this opportunity as a small Christmas gift. ;)

    Isabella, I hope you don’t mind. But if you do, well, we can always talk and arrange something that satisfies both parties. :)

    Vivien, just like Isabella I write for more than one blog. Since I’m going to host 3 projects (SU, YouTube and MySpace), perhaps I shouldn’t concentrate all of them on a single place. What do you think?

  23. i’ll be more than happy to see my friend karen write about stumbleupon.

    sure, i can do LinkedIn – and, of course, twitter.

    now exactly when and how will we do this?

    (i hope it’s not on the 15th, 18th, 30th or 31st of january – i already have carnivals and group writing projects going on on those days)

  24. Ophs… i had marked myself down for twitter, but looks like its gone now…

    Whats left then Vivien?

  25. Karen, yes, it would be better if you split up those social networking sites between all your blogs.

    Isabella, glad you’ll be taking on LinkedIn as well.

    So, currently we have bloggers taking on the following sites:

    - YouTube & MySpace
    - Facebook
    - Sphinn
    - Flickr & Zooomr
    - Second Life
    - StumbleUpon
    - Twitter
    - LinkedIn
    - Mixx and possibly Netscape

    What’s left:
    - Digg
    - Reddit
    - Newsvine
    - Technorati
    - Ma.gnolia
    - Furl
    - any other site you can think of

    So Simon, take a look at what’s left and let me know what would you like to take on? Thank you.

  26. oh, and tomorrow I’ll be posting the rules & dates for all these projects, so stay tuned :-) and thanks to you all!

  27. Tomorrow? Wow, can’t hardly wait for that! :)

    It amazes me that no one picked Digg and Technorati. But it might be due to the fact that those are perhaps too common as blog topics. Still I hope that all sites will eventually be “adopted” by some bloggers. ;)

    EDITED: Does “tomorrow” mean “today?” I see you posted your comment yesterday, so… Well, I’ll check back later. *hopeful*

  28. Dear Karen, I’m sorry for confusing you with my “tomorrow” ;-)
    Actually tomorrow is already today, and soon today will become tomorrow, and we’ll be all fast forwarded to another year ;-)
    Anyhow, my post with the rules for the Mega Project is up now. Look forward to everyone’s feedback!

  29. I can’t believe I don’t see BloggingZoom on the list. I guess thats mine!

  30. That’s great, Localref. I’ll add your choice, name and blog to the list as soon as you’ll add some real content to your About Page ;-) All participants should have an idea who they’re dealing with. Hope you understand.

  31. No problemo!!!

    Forgot to Add About Us content.

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